BUT does The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan really work?


And…….. could a person actually really eat this new plan way for any length of time and even more importantly even remotely enjoy it????


I had my doubts but would soon find out.



…. And so I started this eating plan….


and upon the second day of eating THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST EATING PLAN, I noticed something very strange. After just one day my body felt unusually Great! No, I mean really super abnormally great!

I was completely shocked and astounded!

I started to feel so much better even after eating this way for just one day! It turns out that when you eat healthy powerful nutrients they enter your blood stream immediately and you feel the difference very quickly. Studies show that eating powerful nutrients and antioxidants can start entering your blood stream in less than an hour.

I had not really imagined that I would lose all that much weight with this eating plan, so I didn’t even bother to weigh in until the 3rd day. WOW was I shocked! I had lost an amazing 3 3/4 lbs. in just three days! It was hard to believe the weight loss because I was eating so much , so often, even late at night and right before going to bed. I was always full and never hungry. (more about this later)


Fast forward 90 days later………. Amazingly, I have no arthritis or joint pain at all!  My diabetes and neuropathy are completely gone. My blood sugar and blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect. My digestive system is  regular and my auto immune system has never been better. I now sleep so deep and sound that I don’t even get up once to go to the bathroom.( I used to get up 2-3 times a night) Since a lot of vegetables have natural antihistamines all my allergies have disappeared and I don’t constantly clear my throat. Also after starting this eating plan I have not even had 1 headache  and all the pressure on the back of my head is completely gone. All my intestinal bleeding vanished and my sore rib bones aren’t sore anymore and are back to normal. And last but not least the macular degeneration that had started to cause blindness in my left eye completely started to reverse and is almost gone.

Also I stopped taking all the the medications and that means all medication side effects stop also.

 Now I feel like a 20 year old on his first day of spring with lots of energy.

Oh yea,I forgot to mention, I’ve lost a ton of weight in the process. I lost 57 lbs in the first 92 days. *note; all of these changes happened in the first 92 days alone.(but it did not stop there)

A 5 month check up

After eating this way for only 5 months, I went to see my doctor for my yearly physical. My doctor was amazed and shocked. My blood sugar was low my blood pressure was 120/72 and my cholesterol levels perfect. He then said ” I hate people like you. If everyone of my patients ate the way your eating I would be out of business. He then told me he was taking me off all my medications. I explained that I had already stopped taking these medications over 2 months ago. Then He exclaimed! “Do you mean that all of these perfect test readings are from you not taking any medications?” I happily replied “yes”.

He then told me ,”You have to write a book!” He said “wait just a minute”. He left the examine room for just a moment. He quickly came back into the room with a computer printed bar graph that showed my astounding weight loss. “Make this graph your front cover!” He said.


Spreadsheet: If entire spreadsheet is not loading on this document then please *See attached PDF on email entitled Diet Comparison Chart PDF3