The Solution

Best Plan Ever


An eating plan that is Low Carb, Low Glycemic Index, Low Good Fat, no Bad Fat, no Meat, no Fish, no dairy, no flours, no Sugar, only Low Carb Vegetables and a few Low Carb Fruits, lots of Herbs and Spices & flavored no calorie Vitamin Water. Wow , that is a mouthful!

People used to ask me all the time “Bill what do you call this eating plan, is it vegetarian or vegan or what?” Well, it isn’t either. Vegetarians also eat dairy and vegans eat high carb vegetables and fruits but this plan does neither.

So I just created a new name The WORLD’S HEALTHIEST EATING PLAN. I had to come up with this new name because until now this type of plan did not exist. So from now on if you hear “THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST EATING PLAN” you will know what that means.


There are literally 1,000’s of diets, but what makes “The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan different and BETTER?

So lets compare;

*I am not claiming other plans do not have some healthy benefits and will let you lose some weight, but this plan will give you the most benefits and the most weight loss.


The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan vs The Top 25 Diets in the world

When you compare in detail the top 25 diets in the world the results are amazing!

The world’s Healthiest Eating Plan comes in first in the 13 most important diet categories.

1. First in rate of weight loss.

2. First in total health, antioxidant and nutrient levels daily consumption.

3. First in breaking all sugar, carb and fat addictions.

4. First in lowest daily sugar, carb, meat, bad fat, good fat consumption.

5. First in highest daily fiber consumption.

6. First in highest quantity of low carb vegetable consumption.

7. First in no basic food limits as to the amount of food and how often that it can be eaten.

8. First in the taste satisfaction levels of the foods eaten.

9. First in hunger control.

10. First in easiest to stay on a plan for a long period of time.

11. First in the lowest cost for the food.

12. First in how fast you will feel better both mentally and physically.

13. First in never having to worry about gaining weight again ever.

So lets compare;

Here are the main differences between this plan and the 25 most popular diets in the world;

*Weight Watchers;  This just lets you eat less bad food, meats, sugar, high carbs and bad fats.

*Paleo Diet; You can eat meat and red meat, bad fats from meat, high carb fruits and vegetables and eggs.

*Atkins Diet; You can eat meat including red meat, pork, bacon, lots of bad fats.

* Dash Diet; You eat meat, dairy, high carb fruits, high sugar juices, breads, cereals, margarine, cheese, yogurt and some sugar.

*The Vegan Diet; You can eat high carb fruits and vegetables, saturated fats, flour, pasta, breads, pancakes, cookies, sugar, potatoes and even corn chips.

*The Raw Food diet; many foods increase nutrition when cooking them like tomatoes, this excludes this benefit. You can eat saturated fats, high carb fruits, sugars like honey, date sugar and agave sugar. Not cooking food limits your taste, enjoyment and nutrition levels.

*The Nutri system Diet; You eat bad fats, breads, sugar, flour, deserts, rice , pasta, meats, brownies etc.

*Jenny Craig: You can eat cheese, sugar, cakes, brownies, cookies, cheese curls, cheese cake, pretzels, popcorn, dairy, eggs, cereal, meats and bad fats. Like weight Watchers this tries to limit the amount of bad food you eat.

*Daniel Diet; You can eat meat including red meat, high carb fruits, eggs, high carb vegetables and saturated fats.

*The South Beach Diet; You can eat meat, cheese, dairy, high carb fruits and vegetables, sugar, jams , jellies, pudding, breads and even rice.

*The Mediterranean Diet; You can eat meat, saturated fats, dairy, eggs, cheese, yogurt, potatoes, breads, sugar, honey, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The biggest Loser Diet; You can eat meats, dairy, honey, chocolate, high carb fruits and vegetables, breads, milk, rice and potatoes.

*The Slim Fast Diet; no foods are forbidden just try to limit the amounts. You can eat meats, pasta, breads and sugar.

*The Vegetarian Diet; You can eat high carb fruits and vegetables, breads, cakes, cookies, pancakes, pasta.

*The Omni Diet; You can eat eggs, meats, breads, pasta, rice flour, honey, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Ornish Diet; You can eat milk, yogurt, egg whites, some meat, pasta, pancakes, breads, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Mcdougall Diet; You can eat pasta, breads, rice, potatoes, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Volumetrics Diet;  No food is off limits just the amounts. You can eat dairy, eggs, yogurt, milk, meats, sugar, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Mayo Clinic Diet; You can eat dairy, pasta, breads, meats, cheese, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Zone Diet; You can eat meat, breads, pasta, rice, cereal, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Asian Diet; You can eat potatoes, yams, breads, rice, pasta, meats, eggs, cheese, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Flexitarian Diet; limits food intake. You can eat meat, breads, oatmeal, rice, sugars, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Flat Belly diet; Limits food intake. You can eat meat, milk, oatmeal, breads, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Glycemic Index Diet; You can eat breads, potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy, meats, cookies, flour, high carb fruits and vegetables.

*The Macrobiotic Diet; You can eat meats, rice, pasta, bread, flour, high carb fruits and vegetables.

The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan comes out on top of every other diet including the Top 25 Diets in the world. There is no other plan that packs more nutrient power and weight loss into it.

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