The Sugar Addiction

SUGAR IS ADDICTIVE  (your brain craves glucose)

DON’T EAT  anything with sugar or a sugar substitute even stevia or a diet soda.

(Now a word about sugar or carbs. SUGAR is a very addictive substance. Your brain loves glucose, which is what your body turns sugar into.

I used to be the poster child for people having a “sweet tooth”.

I had such an addictive sweet tooth that if I wanted something sweet like a piece of cake, I would skip the cake and just open up a can of frosting instead, why waste time fooling around with the cake part of the cake? For me the cake itself was just not sweet enough. I had a favorite store brand cherry pie, that I loved so very much. I would keep this pie in the refrigerator with a spoon in it!

This was so I did not have to waste anytime walking the 2 feet over to the spoon drawer every time I wanted a bite. After I lost all the weight, my wife was talking to an old friend that she had not seen for a while. My wife told her about all the weight I had lost. She then replied, “That sounds great, but does Bill still keep the spoon in the pie in the refrigerator?”

….  I remember once, eating a Krispy Kreme donut filled with creme and topped with chocolate icing, and thinking this really is not quite sweet enough for me. ( I would rather just be eating the icing)

Several year ago, on one Christmas eve at midnight, right before bed I went to the bathroom and started to have intestinal bleeding. I had never experienced this before. I just kept on bleeding out. Then a scary thought came over me.

I realized that I could not just keep on bleeding indefinitely or I would run out of blood! Then the next thing I discovered was that I had passed out from lack of blood and was laying on my bathroom floor with a small gash in my neck where I had hit a little table when I fell to the floor. I was rushed to the hospital where I learned that I had lost about 1/2 of my total blood supply. I was quickly given a lengthy major blood transfusion.

But, that was not the most troubling thing I would learn. After being hospitalized and going thru much testing, the doctor came in and shocked me when he told me my blood sugar reading was over 500 mg/dL and my cholesterol was also off the chart. Wow, I was slowly killing myself. Today in America we are witnessing a diabetic epidemic especially in our young people.

Here is what is happening….SUGAR IS ADDICTIVE and SUGAR KILLS!


When you stop eating sugar you will have to go thru a 3-4 day detox to break free of this addiction. This simply means that for 3-4 days you will strongly crave sugar or carbs. Don’t worry this withdrawal is not anything like coming off a real narcotic addiction, but you will overly crave sugar.

This craving will completely go away after 3-4 days but it will not go away if you cheat and even take in a  little sugar.

Eating even a little sugar will re-trigger the sugar addiction!

If you keep feeding yourself even little amounts of sugar then this eating plan will seem very hard to follow. It would be like an alcoholic trying to get clean and sober but still trying to have just one drink a day. This will re-trigger any addiction.

After you detox off sugar, carbs, dairy and meat then you will notice that all these food cravings go away completely. Once you give your body the very best nutrients and antioxidants it will be finally nutrient satisfied perhaps for the very first time in your life. BUT REMEMBER NO CHEATING!

The Story of the Dry Well;

There is an old western story about a very thirsty cowboy who stumbles upon a old deserted ghost town. The cowboy had not had any water for 2 days. He soon finds an old water pump half covered in sand. He tries the pump but it doesn’t work. Then he notices a half buried jug of water laying at the base of the pump. Attached to it is a note. The note says “If you use this water to prime the pump it will bring forth all the water you need. But be warned! do not drink any of the water, for the pump will require all the water in order to prime it so that it will work. When you have had your fill please refill the jug for the next thirsty wanderer.”

This story is so representative of the SUGAR ADDICTION problem. People do not want to let all the sugar go. They want to still hold onto and eat that one little sweet thing they love. But, by giving this up they cause the addiction to re-trigger. They soon discover that “the pump won’t work”.

I promise! when you have detoxed off sugar and carbs you will not crave them anymore. You will of course always remember how sweet they tasted, but you will not have any desire for them at all. It is hard for people to actually buy into this simple truth.

The reason this seems so hard to believe is because most people reading this are currently  sugar and carb addicts but they don’t even know it. They cannot imagine not having a sugar, carb craving, because they are addicted. Just like an alcoholic cannot imagine going very long without taking a drink. Addiction is very powerful!

I strongly believe the number 1 reason so many diets fail is because they do not break the sugar, carb and fat addiction. Just about every diet allows people to keep indulging their sweet tooth so that they won’t fill deprived. Why do people who diet always fall back into the sugar, carb and fat trap?


The average diet feels that most people will not even try their diet if you take away all their sugar, carbs and fat. So the average diet tries to pamper it’s followers, because who ever created it is also probably a sugar, carb and fat addict too. Thats why even the “Super Healthy VEGANS” still let you eat cakes, cookies, pancakes, pasta and such. Thats why plans like the ATKINS DIET let you indulge in all the bad addictive fats like bacon, fatty red meat, processed meats and even bad fat loaded vegetables. Thats why plans like WEIGHT WATCHERS let you eat sugar, carbs, red meat and fat but just try to limit the amount of these bad foods. In the end all of these plans accomplish one thing;


and here in lies your self created eating destiny;


Remember only someone addicted to sugar will have trouble staying on this plan. When you break your addiction you break the struggle. *Here is an interesting fact; when you break your sugar addiction you will find that later you can actually have something in moderation that is sweet but this alone will not re-trigger the addiction. Only continued repetitive consumption of sugar will totally re-trigger your addiction. (just exactly the way a narcotic addiction works)

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