The Hunger Switch

One of the most startling discoveries that I found on this plan was that eating this way will completely turn off your brains hunger switch. Apparently, when your body is nutrient deficient in any way, our brains can sense this. Since your brain cannot say to you “hey body, your low on vitamin E or C so please go ingest some, so your body can function properly”.

Since your brain cannot tell you to go take in a nutrient ,therefore all your brain can actually do is to turn on your hunger switch. Your brain simply hopes that by making you hungry that you will eat some food and hopefully you will get the nutrients you are lacking.

So if you eat some food that doesn’t give you those missing nutrients, your brain continues to trigger your hunger switch until it does receive those nutrients! (which for most people this means that your hunger switch is never turned off, ever!




Because of your nutrient deficient state your brain is locking you into a continual hunger mode that you think is just part of normal living!




For all my life, until eating this plan, I was ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! I had a HUGE APPETITE, ALWAYS. I could eat a triple cheese burger and an hour later I was hungry again. I could eat a whole rack of lamb and then finish my petite wife’s plate and of course soon after be hungry all over again. One of my little sayings that I used to tell to my wife as she was finishing her meal was, “Honey are you going to finish that?”

I was always ready and willing to help my loved ones clean their plate. (after all my mother had always told me growing up to “clean your plate, because kids are starving in Africa! For all my life I had been very obedient concerning this one issue)

Now once your in this full time hunger mode this triggers “THE INCREASED APPETITE MODE”. Since you are always hungry this leads you to think that the problem is that you are simply not eating enough. So mentally you reason that you simply should start eating more food to fix this hunger problem.

This eating strategy at first seems to work! By eating more food your hunger does go away for about an hour. Then your brain figures out after all that eating you still are nutrient deficient. Then the brain just re-triggers the hunger switch. Now you are trapped in a never ending hunger mode forever and ever!

I discovered this hunger switch “turn off effect” by accident. When I started this plan I noticed that after a couple of weeks I could go 6-7 hours between eating the very healthy and nutritious meals. I even would forget to eat! Wow I have never been someone who FORGETS TO EAT!

I am some one who usually is planning my next meal as I am eating my current one. Remember I am a full blown FOODIE! I love, crave and even adore food, I love to cook everything and eat everything!(and I mean cooking all the good stuff!)

But, I didn’t really fully understand the hunger switch event until after eating the plan for a couple of months. At that point I did a “fast day” in accordance with my Christian faith. I had fasted many times before as many others do. But something very strange happened!

As I fasted I noticed that I had NO HUNGER! Even after 24 hours. Then later when I fasted again on another day I also noticed the same no hunger effect even after I added a brisk 6 mile walk in addition to the fast. But the same thing happened,there was NO HUNGER! (but I still had plenty of energy to exercise and walk while fasting…that was a very strange sensation!)

Then a couple of weeks later I tried a 2 day fast. The same result happened, no hunger! Now remember, I started fasting only after eating the plan for about 60 days. At that point my body was 100% saturated with every nutrient, every anti oxidant and every micro nutrient that I could ever need.(THAT’S WHY YOU FEEL SO GOOD) Then it dawned on me that I really had turned off the so called HUNGER SWITCH.

So finally, I tried one last test, to see once and for all was this HUNGER SWITCH really turned off  for real! I did a 3 day fast and I added a daily 9 mile walk each day. (that’s 27 miles in just 3 days) This would truly test this concept once and for all. But then I was kind of amazed!  I STILL had NO HUNGER!

How is it possible for a person to not eat for 3 days and nights and to walk 9 miles each day and afterward not be hungry? It’s simple, your hunger switch has been turned off. (note; having your hunger switch turned off does not mean you will not have low blood sugar levels. But remember low blood sugar and hunger are two completely different things. So yes after 3 days of not eating I did have low blood sugar levels but, without the usual accompanying hunger pains.)


There was no doubt this eating plan does control HUNGER, CRAVING and APPETITE. But most importantly it controls your WEIGHT and your HEALTH! (and when we say HEALTH I mean LENGTH and QUALITY OF LIFE and PREVENTING, FIGHTING and even REVERSING DISEASE) WOW!

Also besides the hunger switch turn off, the big appetite switch is turned off and the CARB, SUGAR, FAT and MEAT CRAVING SWITCHES are turned off. But I still fully understand and appreciate all the food I used to eat. It’s not like all of a sudden you hate Deep Fried Lobster Tail covered in Bernaise Sauce or a great piece of Chocolate Banana Cheese Cake.


Final chapter… The Denial Factor