The Denial Factor

When it’s all said and done, I believe the real reason so many of us struggle to break our sugar/carb addictions is due to one over riding issue, DENIAL.

Just like the alcoholic or the drug addict, no detox can ever happen until first the addict at least acknowledges they have a problem with their addiction. Most Americans are totally unaware that they are sugar/carb addicts. They also don’t even realize that sugar/carbs are even addictive.

Therefore someone will never get rid of any addiction if they cannot even admit that they are an addict.

Recently I was at the wedding of a close friends daughter. It was so beautiful and romantic. They had a little table set up when you first arrived to give guests some lemonade and fresh baked sugar cookies. I was standing next to a very pleasant and obese lady who took the biggest cookie she could find and quickly took a bite. As our eyes met she smiled and excitedly told me “These make me so happy!”

To break this addiction we must first acknowledge  our addiction. This first step  is really the hardest step. The actual breaking of the addiction is not all that hard. Just like jumping off a 10 story building is really very easy. The hard part is deciding to jump off the 10 story building, jumping off is the simple part!

Are you ready to take the leap?