A Sick Nation

A new study was recently released and had very serious health implications. It stated that over 41% of Americans will develop some form of cancer in their life time. It went on to state that over 90% of all these cancers will be caused by diet, lack of exercise and life style issues like smoking or excessive drinking.

Also, the CDC and The National Health Nutrition Examination Study just released, states that;

66.7% of Whites are overweight!

76.6% of Blacks are over weight!

78.8% of Hispanics are over weight!  and these rates will keep on climbing!

A 2013 USA Today article states that nearly 80% of todays baby boomers will suffer from at least one chronic health condition and 50% suffer from two or more chronic health conditions. the CDC states that in this group over 70% have heart disease and over 60% have arthritis. It goes on to simple state, “people are just living sicker longer”.

Another great book to read is “THE KINGDOM OF THE SICK” by Laurie Edwards. She explains how we are becoming a nation of chronically ill people. In 2005, 133 million people in America had some kind of chronic illness and 7 out of 10 deaths were from chronic illness. These rates of illness just keep on climbing! Yes! we are becoming a nation of SICK PEOPLE who keep living longer because of medical advancements but we are only living sicker longer!

America has always worried about being taken over by some hostile force like “Russia or China”. But America is being destroyed from within. We are literally eating ourselves to death. We are becoming a nation of sick people that keeps taking more and more drugs and our numbers of sick unhealthy citizens keeps on growing at an astonishing rate. How strong can a country really be when in the end most of its people are obese and sick? Our greatest security threat is coming from within.

The other day I was in my local grocery store shopping for dinner. I noticed that when you walk into the store the first thing you encounter is piled high display tables full of cakes, brownies, cookies and assorted pies. Then you come to the deli section with all the processed meats and cheeses. Next is the very long bread, doughnuts and pastry shelves.

The next isle is the what I call the “candy in the form of cereal section”. Then the next isle is the breakfast “candy” bar section followed by all the pudding and cake mixes. Oh, and lets not forget the next isle, where you find all the lard, crisco, oils and bags of sugar and white flour. At the far end of the store is the “sugar soda” isle combined with all the chips and snacks.

Ah, then you come to the frozen food isles. First is the the very lengthy frozen pizza section and next is the very long ice cream isle. Oh, I forgot to mention in the back corner of the store is a somewhat smaller section of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I noticed a funny thing when I was in the store. First, I counted the people shopping like me and was amazed to discover that there were 26 over weight shoppers and just 3 normal weight people. I also found that when I first walked into the store where all the cakes, brownies and cookies are piled, there is always a few overweight shoppers who are standing in front of these tables and seem to be in deep thought trying to figure out which sweet thing to buy. I also notice the there was never a shopper in deep thought standing in front of the broccoli section.

As a society we are engrossed in the habit of eating bad things. We have so many different kinds of unhealthy foods to select from that it really is mentally overwhelming to a shopper. We are bombarded by TV commercials trying to sell us more and more bad fast food.

Our country is actually eating itself to death.

A very slow painful death designed to keep us alive for as long as possible therefore making us use the maximum amount of drugs and health care until we finally die. This simple formula is what is making the huge corporations supplying all this bad food and drugs to us  lots and lots of MONEY!

We all get to die a slow and painful death while others make a bunch of money on our sick suffering lives and the big corporations will simply say that we did this to ourselves… And their right, we did!  America is in decline not by A foreign power, but from an enemy from within. We are doing this to ourselves and most people are not really aware of it.

When are great country was founded we ate 1/18th the amount of daily sugar as we do now. In 1822 the average American ate the equivalent amount of sugar of 1/2 can of soda per week.  We now consume 18 times as much sugar every day. This sugar consumption rate is rising yearly with no end in site.

Wow, Americans are about 70% overweight and almost 1/2 of everyone in our country will get cancer! and the rate of this will keep on climbing! (not to mention all the other diseases)

But these statistics can be reversed!  JUST EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE!



MOST DIETS ARE MAINLY CONCERNED WITH JUST LOSING WEIGHT! NOT GIVING YOU THE HEALTHIEST POSSIBLE WAY TO EAT! (they also fail because they never break the sugar, carb and fat addiction, read about in The Sugar Addiction)

I remember watching an episode of the “Doctor Oz TV show” where all the audience members were tested for their antioxidant levels. Wow, almost all the women had very low antioxidant levels!

But, A good portion of these ladies were not overweight!

A lot of people are thin to normal weight wise, but very nutritionally deficient!

These people just eat a lot less than most of us but still eat all the wrong foods!


I love the quote by the famous entertainer ‘Liberace’ that he said just two months before he died. He stated “Your health is the most important thing you have, anyone can make money”.

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