The Problem

My Story

I am not a Medical Doctor or a Nutritionist. This is my own story and all nutritional facts or claims are only from well documented publicly researched studies from around the world.

My name is Bill,

I used to be a 64 year old family man, that was way over weight with severe arthritis in my knee , shoulders and elbows, I had very painful neuropathy, serious insomnia and sleep disorders, type 2 diabetes, terrible year long allergies, headaches, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, a fatty liver and have even had to have major knee replacement surgery.

My blood pressure and blood sugar levels were off the charts. My feet burned with much pain (from neuropathy) when I walked and even when I slept. I also had the worst allergies and cleared my throat constantly from a never ending post nasal drip. I used to get frequent pressure headaches and have constant pressure on the back of my head all the time.

I experienced intestinal bleeding that literally almost killed me and had very sore rib bones that completely puzzled me. Daily I used to take over 12 different pills for these conditions and then started taking pills to off set the side effects of the first 12 pills. My pharmacy loved me, I was a typical well insured baby boomer pill popping customer!

Oh, did I mention I basically always physically felt terrible. WOW, the golden years were not looking so golden,  You work hard all your life and the big pay off at the end is taking more pills and feeling worse as each year passes. Oh, and the other big pay off for living in this time in history is that our modern medicine will allow me to live in this terrible worsening physical state for many years longer than man has ever been able to live. To live sicker and sicker for longer and longer, how depressing!


One day my sweet 19 year old daughter Brooklyn, was home for a weekend visit from college. She is very healthy and showed me a web site explaining the benefits of a plant based diet. She simply asked “Dad, have you ever tried eating this way?” I said no..not really..I had tried all kinds of other diet plans but for some reason I had never tried a plant based program.

So I told her I would try it, to basically get her off my back .

For I knew this type of eating would never ever work for me. I would simply starve eating just plants and could not go very long without eating my favorite foods. (I am a very intense FOODIE. Cooking and eating is one of my true passions in life. I love food and I love to cook and prepare it. I cook for the pure pleasure of it and I love even more to entertain with food, for any occasion, I love it all! and I have a huge appetite to go along with it. My wife eats like a bird but I eat like a hungry vulture).

Food is truly a important passion for me.

BUT!  I soon ran into and discovered a major problem. If I just ate like a vegan I would be eating all kinds of carb loaded foods.(like potatoes, corn, high sugar fruits and flours) But! I could not have any high carb foods because of my diabetes and my blood sugar issues. Wow, what a dilemma! Also by eating plant based food I would have to eliminate all meat and dairy. I searched and searched the internet but could find no eating plan that would accomplish this.

There were vegetarian plans, vegan plans and even pescatarian plans, but there were no plans that did not include high carb vegetables and fruits as well as grains, flours and meat and dairy too. So out of desperation to eat this new way, I had to invent an eating plan that would fulfill all my very unique needs.

Then I reasoned since I had to go this extreme, I might as well go ahead and make this “THE MOST HEALTHY EATING PLAN POSSIBLE”, and that is how this whole eating plan was birthed. I figured if I was going to only eat low carb fruits and vegetables, then I might as well search out and eat the most healthiest and  highest nutrient ones as well.

For example, instead of eating lettuce (which is very healthy) I would instead eat kale or spinach or collard greens which are considered super foods compared to lettuce. So I created a eating plan that didn’t just eat low carb fruits and vegetables but instead focused on the low carb Super Nutrient Vegetables.

I soon learned that in the vegetable, fruit, herb and spice world, there are some foods that are way more healthy than others. So I carefully built this eating plan on the very top nutrient rich, antioxidant packed foods. Truthfully, there is no healthier way a human being can eat!


An eating plan that is Low Carb, Low Glycemic Index, Low Good Fat, no Bad Fat, no Meat, no Fish, no dairy, no flours, no Sugar, only Low Carb Vegetables and a few Low Carb Fruits, lots of Herbs and Spices & flavored no calorie Vitamin Water. Wow , that is a mouthful!

People used to ask me all the time “Bill what do you call this eating plan, is it vegetarian or vegan or what?” Well, it isn’t either. Vegetarians also eat dairy and vegans eat high carb vegetables and fruits but this plan does neither. So I just created a new name The WORLD’S HEALTHIEST EATING PLAN.

I had to come up with this new name because until now this type of plan did not exist. So from now on if you hear “THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST EATING PLAN” you will know what that means.

Continue reading… A Sick Nation

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