Getting Started

So how do you start?

You want to be healthy and fit and look and feel good! But this all seems like some very big changes from the way you normally eat. When I first started this plan I new first it would be impossible to do for any length of time and secondly it probably would not even work. Boy was I in for the surprise of my life.

Here is are two facts that cannot be argued with;

1. This plan is easy!

2. This plan not only works but works better than any other eating plan!

So why does everyone take a big deep breathe when they even just ponder eating this way?

Here is what your main obstacle will be. “JUST DECIDING TO DO THIS”

Pretend you were on top of a 2 story burning building and the fireman below wanted you to jump into their safety net that they were holding for you below. Your main problem isn’t jumping into the net, that’s really easy to do. Your main problem really, is simply just deciding to jump!

It is the decision to jump that people struggle with!
Over and over I hear the same 3 comments by people who have just started this plan. They tell me;

1. This way of eating is so easy.
2. I love the way this food tastes , I could eat this way forever.
3. Wow, I can’t believe how good I feel!

So how do you start?

First watch the videos, and pick just one to try. Then master one of them and then add another.
They are simple and easy to do.

You don’t have to read the whole plan to start the plan! I know it is a lot of material.

In reality you are eating just 4 basic food groups;

1. The power wraps. (over 50 types)
2. The snacks. ( the snack wraps, nuts, certain limited fruits)
3. The Cold Pot (the raw salad)
4. The Hot Pot ( hot vegetables and the superman stew)

Remember you don’t have to eat every vegetable I use in a recipe. You may not have acquired a taste for everything yet. Don’t worry, if you don’t like brussels sprouts skip them right now. As you eat this plan your tastes will be transformed and you will lose all sugar, carb and fat cravings.
Even the pro-biotics in your gut will change because of the new way you eat.

But; If you want to really succeed at this you will have to make a commitment to not do this one thing. “To not eat sugar and carbs” This will be your challenge. Sugar and carbs are addictive. ( see the sugar addiction)

Not eating meat and dairy isn’t that hard, really. But breaking your sugar carb addiction will take about a week. Here in lies a potential struggle for you; If you allow yourself to have even just a little sugar daily while you are trying to detox off sugar, then you will stay addicted to it! Then this will be a daily struggle for you and you will always fight your bodies craving for sugar, carbs and even fat.

Your brain loves glucose (sugar and carbs) and your brain also loves heroin. What happens if you try to detox off heroin in a rehab hospital but the hospital allows you to still take just 1 does of heroin a day while you are detoxing? You know the answer, you will never break free from the addiction of heroin! You will be an addict for life!

So here is what I suggest; Make a firm commitment to try this plan strictly for just 2 weeks.
Thats right, just 2 weeks. Anybody can do anything for just two weeks. Why 2 weeks? Because that is all you need to;

1. Break all your sugar, carb, fat, meat and dairy addictions.

2. To feel like you were young again.

3. To see massive weight loss.

4. To have hudge amounts of nutrients and antioxidants circulating in your body.

5. To begin the process of reversing all kinds of diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease(our #1 killer), neuropathy, allergies, headaches and much more.

Once you have made your commitment to follow this plan you will see how easy it is, I promise!

Good luck and Good Eating!