Rick J.


58 year old man from Smyrna Georgia.


Total weight loss to date; 70 lbs.


I started the plan an was amazed how good you feel after just a few days. I have struggled with depression for all my life. Then after about 30 days my mood levels just straightened out. I learned that this was due to all the natural serotonin I getting by eating the vegetables. I started to lose about a pound a day. It was very exciting.


Then I went to get my teeth cleaned. The dental technician was surprised when I had no typical bleeding from the cleaning. I then went to my doctor to learn that in just a few weeks of eating the plan my blood pressure and cholesterol had dropped to perfect normal. My doctor took me off my blood pressure medicine.


I was surprised on how good this food taste! You don’t ever get tired of eating it. I used to eat all the really bad food and was really surprised how this plan lets your body re-calibrate your taste buds.


One day I was in my office, standing by my desk. My phone accidentally dropped off my desk and I swooped down with my hand and just grabbed it before it hit the floor. My reflexes have not been that good since I was in college and played a linebacker on the football team!


This plan has really changed my life in many ways and I feel like a new man. Now, I even exercise because I really just feel like it. You will never regret trying this plan!

Rick J.,