The Power Wrap

POWER WRAP Ingredients;


For flavor and nutritional boosting power; ( some of these ingredients give great flavor enhancement and excellent nutrition and others are not going to give you a lot of extra flavor but you will still want to use hem for the great nutritional benefit. For example, dried parsley, it will not enhance flavor very much but I use it to enhance the nutritional benefit.)


Remember THE ULTIMATE EATING PLAN is all about;

First, eating as healthy as possible!

Second, Eating food that has the most flavor and that taste the best!


note: If you suffer from arthritis like I used to, then you may want to start with the arthritis buster wrap listed in the recipe section later. For many arthritis sufferers eliminating all the “nightshade vegetables” gives tremendous results when treating arthritis.


1. Pick a wrap spread from the 9 basic spreads listed below ( my favorite is hummus and guacamole )

2. Horse radish ( if you like it spicy)

3. tabasco  sauce (again if you like it spicy)

4. old bay seasoning

5. dried oregano flakes

6. dried basil flakes

7. dried parsley flakes

8. dried poultry seasoning

9. lemon pepper

10. turmeric

11. chili powder

12. ground flax seeds

13. sesame seeds

14. curry powder (or red curry powder)

15. a dry mix seasoning packet (like hidden valley ranch buttermilk packets)

16. superman vinaigrette

17. home made ranch dressing (see the healthy recipe for)

18. garlic powder

19. mustard


*NOTE: I use all the above flavor ingredients on each basic power wrap I make. You can mix and match flavors to your own taste preferences. Most people have never eaten anything with this much flavor in it. Thats why when I have shown people a demonstration of how to make the basic power wrap I always get the same surprised effect from them. Right after a person takes a bite of the wrap,

their eyes light up and they all say the same thing.


 I have never tasted something with this much flavor! Then after a week or so I always hear this comment.


These vegetables test great, I could eat this way for ever!


Vegetables in the power wrap ingredients;


1. garlic, chopped

2. avocado ( can be guacamole)

3. tomato

4. leeks

5. green onion

6. yellow onion

7. mushrooms

8. brussels sprouts

9. cabbage

10. radish

11. walnuts, chopped

12.  broccoli slaw

13. cauliflower

14. spinach

15. baby kale


Thats over 34 ingredients per wrap! Yes the wrap will be about 2 1/2 inches thick. But don’t forget the Superman Vinaigrette has over 32 top antioxidant ingredients also. That is over 60 super healthy ingredients in 1 basic wrap and these ingredients are all nutritional ALL STARS in their own right!


BUT! you have just fixed probably the most healthy thing you will have ever eaten! And one of the most flavorful things too!


There are over 50 types of wraps you can fix. ( see recipes later mentioned for wraps specifically designed for all kind of health issues, like the 8 different cancer fighting wraps or the Fiber Buster wrap.)



For breakfast, lunch, even dinner or a late night snack I make a basic power wraps. (up to 6 per day)

First; Heat one whole grain, high fiber low carb tortilla for 20 seconds in microwave. Lightly spread with extra virgin olive oil or 1 tablespoon of hummus or one of the other 8 spreads listed below. I also like to add spicy mustard. Then sprinkle “ground flax seeds” over your base.(I keep these in an air tight container in my freezer). I know hardly anybody has ever even heard of flax seeds much less actually eats them. But these have more lignin’s than anything else and that makes it an unbelievable disease fighter. researchers think that the reason asian women have so little breast cancer is from all the phytoestrogens they get from eating all the soy they eat. But flax seeds have the greatest amount of lignin’s .(A phytoestrogen)




Then add some chopped fresh tomato, spinach, sliced leek, fresh sliced mushrooms, chopped yellow onion and green onion, broccoli slaw, fresh chopped kale(kale is the #1 green cruciferous vegetable there is). Then thin slice 1 fresh radish and 1 fresh brussels sprout, a little shredded carrots and add some fresh spinach leaves and baby kale.

I sprinkle lemon pepper, turmeric, ground flax seeds, dried basil, dried parsley and lots of dried oregano on this. Also sprinkle chopped walnuts and sesame seeds.


Then sprinkle garlic powder, lemon pepper and hot sauce if desired.

I also sprinkle Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch dry packets or try the spicy version,. or you might to sprinkle try the dry packets of  Italian salad dressing mix. these are 0 calories. Other great flavors are McCormick’s Grill Mates dry mixes, try tomato garlic basil, baja citrus or mojito lime. I love the dry mix of taco or curry seasoning packets.

I also always sprinkle old bay seasoning and curry powder too.


Lastly, I drizzle some fresh home made ranch dressing on top of everything. Use one dry packet of “Buttermilk Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mix. Add 1 cup Helmans Light Mayo (I know , yes you will get a tiny bit of egg in this, it’s ok). Then add 1 cup soy milk and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (this is how to make a butter milk substitute). Mix well and keep in the refrigerator. Remember this is very low cal and you only need to drizzle a little on top of all your wrap veggies.


Now you can see why these wraps explode off the chart with great flavor! And yes I know the wrap will be over 2 1/2 inches thick. A lot of people tell me that they have never had a better tasting wrap than this ever. (Be sure to check out all the other wrap recipes mentioned later)


Remember I use all the above mentioned ingredients on a single basic power wrap.( except the peanut butter snack wrap)


*note; I also always  liberally sprinkle a dry seasoning mix on my hot bowl of vegetables too.

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