Compounding Herbs & Spices

In a typical day how many of the “187 herbs and spices” do you eat?

Most Americans would answer ,”I know that I eat salt an pepper”!

But you ask what’s all the fuss about anyway? Why should I go out of my way to eat any of these herbs and spices?

Here’s WHY!

1. Guess where most of the worlds antioxidants hang out? Ok you guessed it, it’s in the herbs and spices. When I explain this to people they are shocked and even stunned.

For example;
Lets take a recently discovered “SUPER FOOD” the blueberry. Scientist have now proclaim that the ordinary blueberry is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Remember antioxidants seek out and destroy the dangerous “FREE RADICALS” that are in our bodies that have been linked to just about every disease you can get. We take in dangerous Free Radicals from smoking, air pollution, eating processed foods, eating fried foods, eating bad foods like trans fats and so on. Free Radicals cause normal healthy cells to mutate into cancers and other diseases.

So each one of us wants as many antioxidants as possible in our bodies. Remember after just 1 hour of eating a food rich in antioxidants your blood level will be at it’s highest saturation point of antioxidants and remain that way for 4-5 hours before gradually losing that peak saturation level. But, no problem because in 3-4 hours it’s time to eat again anyway. Therefore if you are eating healthy you will always automatically keep your protective antioxidant levels high.

Lets compare;

The mighty blueberry weighting in at 6,552 ORAC units. vs

Ground Cloves weighting in at 314,446 ORAC units. WOW what difference! 6,552 vs 314,446!!!

ORAC = “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity”

So how many people eat blueberries every day? Not many. But how many people eat Ground Cloves every day? Even less!

But on The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan how often do you eat Ground Cloves? Answer, everday!

Plus you will eat all kinds of other super healthy herbs and spices everyday.

Remember this principle!

In order to eat most of the 187 Herbs and Spices daily, you must go out of your way to intentionally include them in your diet!

Later I will show you a simple trick to do this, it is called Compounding.

2. The second main reason for eating these 187 herbs and spices is “FLAVOR”

Most food are basically neutral. What gives most foods their flavor is Herbs and Spices. If your not using lots of herbs and spices in your food then your not eating the tastiest food you could eat.

Why do all great Chefs use a lot of herb and spices? Because it is where the flavor lives. Herbs and spices completely define great food, like Cajun cooking, French cooking, Indian cooking, Asian cooking, Middle eastern cooking and so on.

3. Remember in addition to all the antioxidants you will get from these herbs and spices you will also get over 25,000 known phyto-nutrients as well. Scientist in just the last 10 years have discovered 1,000’s of new powerful phyto-nutrients that are also in these herbs and spices. Each year the list of newly discovered nutrients just keeps on growing. It turns out that the complexity of the food nutrient world is way more complicated than we ever new. Remember not long ago it used to be just your basic vitamins A, B, C and so on. Not anymore, we now know there are 1,000’s of other powerful nutrients and more to be discovered.
* But don’t worry if you just eat the right foods you will get all of these powerful nutrients, you won’t have to remember all the over 25,000 of these.


Compounding is an easy trick to dramatically increase your antioxidant levels and your food flavor levels!

In order to save time and effort I will show you how to combine basic herbs and spices for your daily use.
I use big stainless steel shakers for these compounds.
* Remember these compound mixes are sprinkled over the top of only the highest level nutrient foods on planet earth in this plan. That is why eating “The World’s Healthiest Eating Plan ” is so healthy! This plan goes out of its way to only let you eat the very healthiest foods on earth.


1. The Mediterranean Mix
2. The Nut Mix
3. The Seed Mix
4. The Snack Wrap Mix
5. The Super Spice Mix
6. The House Seasoning Mix
7. The Berry Mix
8. The Superman Vinaigrette

1. The Mediterranean Mix

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following;

dried basil 67,553 orac units
dried oregano 200,129 orac units
dried parsley 74,349 orac units
dried thyme 27,426 orac units
dried crushed sage 32,004 orac units
dried marjoram 27,297 orac units
dried tarragon 15,542 orac units
savory 9,465 orac units
dried cilantro 5,141 orac units
dried dill 4,343 orac units
cardamon 2,764 orac units
dried rosemary 155,280 orac units
ground sage 32,004 orac units
ground bay leaves
dried chives 2,094 orac units
coriander 5,141 orac units
ground saffron
lemon balm leaves crushed 5,997 orac units

2. The Nut Mix (chop all nuts so you can sprinkle them)

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following;

walnuts 13,541 orac units
pecans 17,940 orac units
pistachios 7,983 orac units
almonds 4,454 orac units
brazil nuts this is the top source of selenium.
cashews 1,948 orac units
sun flower seeds (I call these small nuts)
hazel nuts 9,645 orac units
peanuts 3,432 orac units
soy nuts 5,764 orac units

3. The Seed MIx ( if you grind the seeds you get better absorption)

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following;

chia seeds
poppy seeds
hemp seeds
flax seeds
apricot seeds
pumpkin seeds
sesame seeds
pomegranate seeds
grape seeds
fennel seeds
caraway seeds

4. The Snack Wrap Mix

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following except nut meg;

ground cloves 31,446 orac units
ground cinnamon 267,536 orac units
ground ginger 28,811 orac units
all spice
cocoa powder (unsweetened)
dried pepper mint 13,978 orac unit
nut meg 69,640 orac units ( only use 1 teaspoon of nutmeg)
dried mint
lemon zest
orange zest 2,103 orac units
dried currants 7,960 orac units
ground cardamon 2,764 orac units

5.The Super Spice Mix

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following;

ground turmeric 159,277 orac units
curry powder 48,504 orac units
cayenne pepper 19,671 orac units
old bay seasoning (a store mix)
chili powder 23,636 orac units
paprika 17,919 orac units
garlic powder 6,665 orac units
chili garlic salt (a store mix)
ground mustard powder 29,257 orac units
lemon pepper ( a store mix)
black pepper 27,618 orac units
onion powder 5,735 orac units

6. The House Seasoning Mix

mix 2 tablespoons of each of the following;

garlic salt
onion powder 4,289 orac units
ground pepper 27,618 orac units
garlic powder 6,665 orac units
lemon pepper

7. The Berry Mix

mix 1 tablespoon of each of the following;

blue berry 6,552 orac units
raspberry 4,882 orac units
black berry 5,437 orac units
acai berry 102,700 orac units
maqui berry 75,000 orac units
gogi berry 25,300 orac units
elderberry 14,697 orac units
goose berry 3,365 orac units
cranberry 9.584 orac units
choke berry 16,062 orac units

8. The Superman Vinaigrette

* My favorite “SUPERMAN Vinaigrette”; 1 dry pac of zesty italian salad mix, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup flax seed oil,
1/4 cup very dry red wine like a cabernet sauvignon 5,034 orac units (is optional but this gives you the resveratrol and more flavor.
Add 1/8 cup of lemon juice and cranberry juice( Of the most common fruits we eat lemons and cranberries were the top killers of liver cancer cells in a recent medical study)
1 tablespoon spicy mustard,
1 teaspoon of;
ground cloves
lemon pepper
garlic salt
ground ginger
curry powder
ground sage
ground cumin
chili powder
nut meg
cayenne pepper
cocoa powder unsweetened
and rushed red pepper.
Shake all together and pour over cold pot, mix well. (this vinaigrette is a 34 ingredient super antioxidant power house dressing!) If you just drank this straight, you would probably never die. (just kidding)

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