Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. Isn’t it hard to stop eating meat?


The simple answer is no! I used to be the biggest meat lover ever. I could cook you the best steak you have ever had. I mean a 2 1/2 inch medium rare bone in rib eye with as much outer fat marbling as I could get. I then would put deep fried oysters on top and liberally cover everything in a rich creamy béarnaise sauce.


Or I would fix the best rack of lamb you have ever eaten. I would glaze it in a mint jelly/real butter garlic sauce.


I would never just grill a piece of meat. I would always also grill some “red hots” and polish sausage and bratwurst just for starters. I loved to slow smoke ribs and pork shoulders for 14 hours till the meat just fell off the bone. I love to entertain, and one Christmas my wife and I threw a big party for about 100 friends. I fixed a whole pig, smoked salmon and turkey, a 5ft. holiday shrimp wreath, a leg of lamb, pounds of smoked sausage and we even had a fresh shuck to order oyster bar.


So can understand for me to stop eating all that meat was a big deal. But I was so shocked, after you leave meat alone your body re sets all your taste sensors. In very short order you loose all meat cravings and the fat cravings as well. It takes only about a week to detox off meat. Even your pro-biotics in your gut change according to what you eat.


Let me add the scientific reasons why you do not want meat, especially red meat;


1. The cholesterol. Meat has cholesterol which causes heart disease. Heart disease is the worlds #1 killer.

( with the exception of heart healthy fish like salmon which has the good omega 3,5,6,7,8,9’s.)


2. Meat has carnitine. This reacts with your gut bacteria (if you are a meat eater) to form tmao. tmao is linked to many diseases. See nutritionfacts.org for several good videos on this.


3. Poultry and dairy have choline. This reacts the same way carnitine does with your gut bacteria and forms the deadly tmao.


4. Phosphates. Most packaged meat and processed meat have this added. It is a preservative that gives shelf life to meat products in the store. Studies show that in just 2 hours of eating meat containing phosphates your arteries will start to harden! Thats called heart disease, our #1 killer.


5. Methionine. This is an amine that cancer is very dependent upon for growth. Restricting methionine starves cancer growth. Where is methionine found in chicken, fish and red meat.


6. PHIP. this again is an amine that is only created in cooked meat. It acts like estrogen and excellerates cancer growth.


Hopefully that is enough scientific reason to stop with meat eating. But in reality you will feel so much better and will not miss it at all!


2. Isn’t it hard to stop eating sugar and carbs?


*note; our bodies does not distinguish between sugar and carbs. To our bodies this two things are one in the same. Our bodies simply turn sugar and carbs into glucose which our brain loves. Our brains then become addicted to the glucose. So if you eat a piece of cake or a piece of white bread, it all becomes the same thing to your body, just glucose.


The answer is Yes maybe. The sugar carb addiction is very real and has addicted most of our population.


This addiction is much stronger than your cravings for fat or meat. This will probably be your biggest challenge in trying this plan.


There was a famous rat study that put rats in a cage with cocaine water and an oreo cookie. Guess which thing the rats went to ? You guessed it the oreo. Sugar and  carb addiction is similar to a drug addiction. Tests now show that when we eat sugar and carbs we light up the same pleasure centers of the brain just like morphine does.


Then we actually start  dulling our dopamine receptors in our brains so that we sort of build up a tolerance to these sugar, carbs and drugs. Then we have to take even more of these to get the same effect as before just like with drug uses.


But here is a little secret that very few of us know. In as little as a week you can completely break the sugar carb addiction. You most simply go “cold turkey” for about a week. Yes you will crave sugar and carbs for about a week. Then the cravings will slowly go away for good.


Until you actually do this you will be very skeptical that this will really work. But it does work 100% of the time, but no cheating. The problem people have with this is that that don’t actually totally stop the sugar carb intake.


Instead they try to limit their intake.  BIG MISTAKE!


You see by taking even a little sugar and carbs you keep re-triggering the addiction. If you were an alcoholic could you detox off it by just limiting yourself to one martini a day? Of course not!  Again you would simply be re-triggering your addiction on a daily basis.


When my wife and I go out with friends after a movie some times everybody will want to stop and get some ice cream. I of course won’t have any and every one thinks I have such fantastic will power!  But the truth is I don’t have to use any will power at all! I lost my craving for sugar long ago.


It does not bother me in the least to see other people eating their ice cream. Why I used to make the best home made double chocolate malt ice cream on planet earth. But the cravings are all gone forever!


Have you noticed why virtually all the other diet plans in the world let you have some form of sugar. It is because whoever created the plan is themselves a sugar addict. They reasoned that there was no way to break this addiction so therefore they must include some kind of sugar in their plan or no one would do their plan.


Thats why even strict vegans will eat lots of sugar, they have not learned how to break this addiction.


Yes, for the first week of going “cold turkey” you will have cravings. But this will all fade away and you will be sugar and carb free forever. Plus when you do eat a low carb fruit such as strawberries it will taste very sweet to you and you will be completely satisfied.


So don’t be afraid to just take a leap of faith with this and go for it. But don’t cheat at all or it will not break the addiction. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!