My name is Bill Simmons, I’m a 64 year old family man. I created The Worlds Healthiest Eating Plan after suffering from sickness, disease and obesity for much of my life. I always wanted to be healthy but no diet seem to work.


Then 10 years ago I started saying a simple prayer to God each day when I would take my daily morning shower. I simply ask God to make me one of the most healthy people on earth. I know that is a big prayer request, but hey the Bible says “you have not because you ask not”. Who am I to doubt that God could honor that prayer?


So after praying that prayer for 10 years every day without missing a day, God granted my request. I did not come up with this plan, instead it was given to me from above. I take no credit at all for creating this plan.


This plan has changed my entire life. I went from taking 12 pills a day to no pills. From sickness to perfect health. Now I would like to share this wonderful plan with others. We live in a very sick nation and we are literally eating our selves to death.


Anyone can down load this plan for free. This plan is on line an available to anyone 24-7. Anyone can just go to our site and quickly look at one of our videos or click on a new recipe. It is easy to access and easier to use. I am working on a soon to be published book and we will continue to up load free videos and recipes.


Wishing you the best of Health!

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